Stitching Saturday 4.23.22

*I wrote this yesterday and then never actually posted it. Which is pretty indicative of my life the last few weeks. As in I’m so scatter brained that I’m struggling to focus on anything. But the last few days have been better so I hope I can get better organized.

Happy Saturday! I’m back with my first stitchy post in over almost two months. I didn’t make a lot of progress last month and this month has had such busy weekends I haven’t found the time to share. I’m just going to jump into my cross stitch projects and just share what’s been going on with them the last couple of months.

*I have been doing some more knitting on my Fjer cardigan but since it is knit in pieces I don’t think it will be very interesting to look at.

This is my March WIPGO piece and I’m still far away from my goal. I’m currently 10.3% done and my goal is 25%. I will hopefully hit that goal by the end of June but for right now I’m just working on it little by little. I had a lot of mistakes to fix when I first picked it up this year but since then I’ve really been loving working on it.

I finished my goal on this! I believe this was a February WIPGO project and I finally completed it this week! I absolutely love how this is looking. Although I’m looking forward to having a bit of a break from it. There is a TON of stitching in this project but it is well worth it.

This was one of April’s called WIPGO projects. As you can see I didn’t have that much more to do on it so this was an easy finish this month. I love everything Priscilla and Chelsea come out with and I would love to be able to stitch it all.

I got woefully behind on my temperature piece. Every month is supposed to have its own butterfly and I’m still working on the outline for March. Since I finished Liberty Cup I’ve added this into my weekly rotation. I hope to catch up soon and then go back to working on it one day a week. I’ve been going through and putting my floss on floss drops that have the temperature it signifies so I can hopefully streamline the process.

This is my second called WIPGO piece this month. I had to restart at the end of last year because I started it too far over on the original fabric I was using. I have gotten into a good rhythm with this one and I really enjoy working on it. My goal is to stitch the top half of this pattern.

This biggest stitchy update that I have is that I decided to restart my Golden Kite piece. I was hoping to finish it this year but I was taking to Dani from Needlecraft Dani on YouTube and she was kind enough to tell me that I was pulling some of my threads too hard and that’s why I was getting that buckling. I was going to keep going but then I thought of the 14 ct Aida my mom had bought me for Christmas and I thought this would be the perfect project for it. I usually prefer an 18 to 20 ct Aida but this piece is perfect. I’m pretty sure it’s going from a 5’7” to 8’10”. Since I’m no longer going to finish I only work on this for 30 min to an hour on Monday’s.

I’ve been working on this forever and I finally reached the 1,000 stitch mark. I need 1,800 stitches for the “bike around Germany” challenge from the full coverage fanatics Facebook page. This is my first project I’m using the parking method and it is pretty confetti heavy on the right side of where I’m working. I’m stitching this in 10 by 10 blocks and the area I’m working on now only has three or so colors in the whole block so it’s going a lot faster.

This is my other March WIPGO project. Now that I’m not working on the border anymore I’m really enjoying this. My goal is 25% and I’m only at 8.2% done.


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