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Magical Readathon: Gear Up and Final Book Support Group Wrap Up

Last week, there were two readathons that I participated in and I was successful at the first one and at least participated in the second. Next month is the first full round of the Magical Readathon and to prepare us the host, G, had a mini readathon where you only needed to complete two prompts. However, if you hadn’t already completed your character prompts then you needed to do those as well, so I had four prompts to complete. I feel like this is making no sense but if you want to know more about it than click the link here to go to the twitter page to find out all the info.

The Final Book Support Group is just a group started by StephLoves on Youtube and the whole goal is to support each other in completing series. I had wanted to read a lot more but I managed to read two manga and tonight I’m going to finish listening to the book I started.

Magical Readathon

I read this for one of my character prompts. I don’t remember exactly what it was since I picked it out last year but I do know that by reading this I have cemented that my character is Itirian. While this wasn’t a perfect book I gave it five stars because I only had minor issues with it. I will have a review up for this on Friday since when I originally meant to read it I was going to read my ARC of it.

For this prompt I had to read a dark academia to choose the Darkmeadow for where my character comes from. I wouldn’t say this is a dark academia but I originally picked it for this prompt since I saw it on a list of dark academia books. This is more a suspense book that is set at a school. I usually classify dark academia as having a heavy learning element and that wasn’t really present in this book. My review for this one will be up on Thursday since I have a review copy of it. I gave it four stars.

This might be cheating since I was already at 67% when the week started but I really wanted to finish it and it fits the prompt of dark cover really well. The dark cover prompts is for my legacy gift of the shadow realm. I loved the build up to the relationship in this book but when they finally got together it went a little downhill. I still really enjoyed it though and gave it four stars.

I could have used this for the prompt of dark cover but I didn’t want to double up on prompts. For my conduit, I picked the dagger which meant I needed to read a standalone. It worked out perfectly because my blog tour review for this is due tomorrow so you’ll get my full thoughts then. I will say I was surprised by how engrossed I was in the story and gave it 4.5 stars.

Final Book Support Group

I only have an hour left of the audiobook for Murder in the Mystery Suite. Last year I read the seventh book in this series and I really loved the setting so I want to read them all. However, this is the first one in the series, and it has annoying problems that the seventh one didn’t. Which is encouraging and makes me want to keep reading the series. One of my bookish pet peeves is when authors continually bring up the size of a character (either how large or how tiny they are) and this book has a ton of that. One of my life pet peeves is stereotypical gender roles and “boys will be boys” and there is a little bit of that thrown in. Besides all that, the mystery is compelling and I still am not quite sure who committed the murder.

I don’t want to say too much about the mangas because they are both the second in a series. Tokyo Ghoul is interesting and I’m excited to see where it goes. I actually planned on continuing this series but I accidentally grabbed books from the spin off series instead so I was only able to read this one.

The first volume of The Promised Neverland had a twist I didn’t see coming and I was happily surprised that the second volume did too. I have the third volume so I think I might be reading it sooner rather than later because we are building up to an event and I need to what is going to happen.



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