Stitching Saturday 2.26.22

I’m happy to report that I had a productive week of stitching and I made two of my goals. I also have a few plans to share however they will probably stay the same for the entirety of March since I’m not anywhere close to my goal for my March WIPGO projects. And my third project I’m rotating in needs 1,840 stitches which I hope can happen in March.


I did around 500 stitches on this and I believe I’m just over 16%. It still doesn’t look like much but I feel like I’m creeping closer to it looking like something.

I don’t know if you can see any difference between last week and this week since I only needed 137 stitches to reach my goal. This one will be rotating out and I don’t anticipate seeing it again anytime soon.

I didn’t do a lot of work on this and I’m woefully behind on this considering I should be working on my outline for the March butterfly and I haven’t even finished the February one. It is fun to see the different colors for the temperature changes and February was a wild one. The first part of the month was in the 80’s and I was wearing shorts and dresses to the last half of the month where it is below freezing in the morning.

I did it! I wasn’t sure I would be able to make my WIPGO goal of 50% but I got to 52%. This is turning out so sweet and it will be so cute to have displayed during Christmas.

This was my morning stitch last week which means that I pretty much only put one length of thread into it a day. I love how this is turning out and it is a WIPGO project with the goal of finishing it so we will see this later this year.

This is the project I’m working on today so I will be working on it more once I post this. This is my second WIPGO piece and I want to finish the first of four pages. It goes down to the top of the house and it doesn’t look like it but it is a lot of stitching. My husband really likes this one and he doesn’t understand why I won’t just work on it until it’s done. But there are so many projects and so little time.


I haven’t worked on this in so long and I barely started it so I’m a little nervous that I might have to restart this. I also have no memory of parking thread so we’ll see how this goes. I recently bought the pdf pattern of this so I can use pattern keeper from now on. Like I mentioned above I need 1,840 stitches of this for my full coverage fanatics “bike around Germany” challenge stop.

I don’t know how it happened but my two WIPGO pieces are both ones I’m stitching on the Silk app. They are also both monochromatic projects and I can’t wait to one day finish them and have them hanging in my house. Although the next project is a Christmas one.

The reason I think these will be in my rotation all of March is that my goal for both is 25% but I’m only at 2% on both. I am looking forward to watching them grow over the month which is one of the reasons I love putting these posts together.



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