Stitching Saturday 2.12.22

I started off the beginning of the week strong with my stitching but the last couple of days I have prioritized reading. I’m still nowhere near my goals on my WIPGO projects so my plans for next week are staying the same minus one difference. I plan on starting my “Boo Trick or Treat” by Stitching Housewives tonight so I don’t have that to show you. That one will be rotated out next week for a diamond painting project because I haven’t done any diamond painting yet this year.


This is why I like showing my progress side by side because I didn’t think I had done quite so much on this. I did about 400 stitches and it has been the nicest morning stitch because it is huge blocks of color that don’t require much thinking.

I am behind on this if I want to finish it this year. I think I’m just at 10% so I really need to get a move on. This will be my morning stitch as well as my Monday focus piece so I can try to get back to where I should be .

I made a huge amount of progress on this. Heaven and Earth Designs ended up having a 50% off sale so I ended up rebuying this pattern (and another plus two new ones!) so I could upload it to pattern keeper. I’m going up and down column wise sticking to just the first page. I haven’t done the math but I need around 200 more stitches on this one for my “bike around Germany” challenge. Once I reach my stitch goal I will put this down and focus on my other projects since I’m behind on all those goals.

I was at 18% before I stitched on this and now I’m at 26%. Which is a far way off still from the 50% my goal is. I hope I can finish my WIPGO projects this month because I will seriously be playing catch up when next months projects are added to the mix.


Lake house diamond painting bought off Amazon

I have no clue when I will finish this but I’m excited to actually start it.


I want to show the other three heaven and earth designs (HAED) that I bought. The first one is a repurchase so I can put it into pattern keeper and the other two have been on my wishlist and I have no plans of starting them this year but who knows.



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