book review

The Last Christmas Cowboy by Maisy Yates

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

Publication Date: September 29, 2020

Publisher: HQN

Pages: 303

Genre: Romance, Cowboy, Christmas

Rating: 5/5

This heartwarming, fun, and festive read is filled with characters that I fell in love with and throughly enjoyed following along as their friendship turned romantic. Rose and Logan have been close friends for years, ever since their parents died in the same plane crash, despite the fact that Logan is ten years older. When Rose decides to set her sister up with a local from the town it unexpectedly leads to her and Logan igniting an attraction that Logan has held for the past few years. It also helps them to confront the fact that they have baggage they haven’t dealt with relating to the loss of their parents. Logan lost his mother in the crash but his dad has never been in his life and then this Christmas season Logan will have to deal with that choice.

Every time I read a Gold Valley book I proclaim how much I love these characters and it is because Maisey Yates does such an incredible job of fostering an emotional connection between her readers and her characters. I was deeply entrenched in this story and felt like I was right there with characters. This is the eleventh Gold Valley book so there is quite a backstory and plethora of characters to follow along with. Logan and Rose were great main characters and I love the character growth they both had. Not just because of each other but also because of the community of family and friends they have surrounding them. Which is probably my favorite aspect of these stories.

Yates also did a fabulous job of balancing the Christmas and festive atmosphere with a rich and rewarding love story. The elements of the holiday season just added to what was happening between Rose and Logan. Because of his loss, Logan has always been a bit of a Grinch when it comes to the holiday season and it was so heartwarming to see him opening up and wanting to get involved. I also appreciated the fact that Yates made it apparent that although Logan has known Rose since she was a young girl he didn’t start to have feelings for her until she was 19.

If you are looking for a festive romance that you can sink into this week before Christmas then you should definitely pick this one up. I listened to it on Audible and the narrator, Samantha Cook, did a wonderful job conveying the emotions of the characters and probably helped this story come to life for me. So, if you still have some last minute wrapping to do, and can get your hand on this audiobook it will make the time fly by. If not, then just make yourself a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate and curl up with a blanket and get ready to transport yourself to the wonderful, comforting and remarkable Gold Valley.



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