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Halloween Smutathon Wrap Up

The last week of October was the Halloween Smutathon and I read five books and I’m currently in the middle of a fifth book. I had a lot of fun with this readathon and I wish I could have devoted more time to it but I was still trying to read some other books from the other readathon’s I participated in.

Rating: 5/5

Tillie Cole is the queen of dark romance and I have never read a book by her that I wasn’t instantly in love with. Hands down my favorite romance author and top three favorite author ever. This is a prequel to a dark romance series involving the Church and the horrible abuse boys are put through that are considered evil at a home for orphans. Since this is a dark romance there are a ton of trigger warnings so please be aware of that. I need to read the first book in this series asap.

Rating: both 4/5

These are both very short novellas (about 40 pages) and are just what the title suggests. And yet, despite the low page count, Harley Laroux does an incredible job of giving the couples in this story a physical and emotional connection. There is no insta love but it is about two people who agree to do some dirty, sexy things to each other. Both books come with trigger and content warnings which I recommend you read since these books are basically all BDSM smut. However, the nature of the things that they do together requires a lot of trust which helps form that bond between them.

WARNING: This review contains a spoiler.

Rating: 1/5

I really need to stop giving Alexa Riley a chance. I do not ever seem to enjoy their books. This is a quick little novella involving a teacher and her students uncle that takes place the day before Halloween and the day of Halloween. First off, this book could literally take place any day of the year since the only Halloween content we got was a couple of mentions of the characters costumes and as soon as our hero walked into the Halloween party he left with our heroine. I am someone that needs to have an emotional connection between the characters to find the smut enjoyable and I just didn’t get that at all. Which I wasn’t expecting going into this book but the level of disgust I felt for our hero was off the charts. He is basically a stalker who came off as manipulative and creepy. And the freaking epilogue where he tells his wife, who just had twins two or three months ago, that she is pregnant and she just shrugs and says ok since he told her last time too. WTF???? I understand why people enjoy Alexa Riley because they write books that are just a good time but for me they are not and I need to remember that in the future.

Rating: 2/5

This is another book that is just smut with no emotional connection. Which lots of people enjoy, so if that is you then that’s awesome. It’s just not what I prefer to read. And the main character, Tyler, makes no sense. I was never sure why he was a priest and he certainly didn’t seem to care about it despite the author telling us many times he did. And the heroine, whose name I don’t remember, was a flat one dimensional character who was not very likable. She would say she didn’t want him to choose between her and his priesthood but then she would flat out seduce him and it was confusing. I love a good forbidden romance but this wasn’t it. Especially since it didn’t seem that forbidden since Tyler didn’t really care about his job that much. Tyler would list of all the parts of his job he enjoyed and he could have done all the same things volunteering so the stakes weren’t actually that high. I could go on but I don’t want to keep bashing a book that I know a lot of people enjoy. I will say that I was surprised that this entire story is from Tyler’s perspective. I might have enjoyed our heroine more if I had gotten to know her side but I also found it refreshing to read a story completely from a male perspective. There are a few trigger warnings for this including suicide and sexual abuse so please be aware.

Currently reading

I am loving this so much more than I thought I would. It is laugh out loud funny and I am swooning over the enemies to lover aspect. Which is why I am reading this so slow because I want to draw out this delicious relationship as long as possible. I really hope the second half of this book doesn’t disappoint!


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