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Vampathon Wrap Up

Last month the bulk of my TBR was my Vampathon choices. Technically Vampathon was supposed to only be the last week of the month but I really liked all of the prompts so I decided to just make it a month long readathon for myself. However, I totally failed at this readathon and only read 4 of the 16 books on my list. I did have an extra book that I threw on at the bottom of the list which was for a blog tour that I ended up DNF’ing. Which is a bummer since I was so excited to read all of them. I had also planned on reading the entire A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series and I didn’t even start it. Also, I did start The Lost Village at the very end of the month but since I have rolled it over to my November TBR I will include it in that wrap up instead.

I read all these books for blog tours. Because I was struggling so bad with my reading I never actually finished them in time but I have since completed all of them. I’m trying to catch up on blog posts but all these reviews will be out shortly. My review for The Keeper of the Night is almost done so that will be coming later this week or early next week. I have family coming to stay for the rest of this week so I’m not too sure how much more blogging I will be able to get done this week.

Rating: 3/5

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Serpent & Dove, but this one was just lacking. I found the main characters to make irritating and nonsensical choices. I did enjoy the ending and I like how the author set up the next book so I will be completing this series at some point in the future.

I DNF’d this book at 25%. Here is my blog tour post where I also share my reasons for putting it down.



4 thoughts on “Vampathon Wrap Up

  1. These look great! I’ll definitely have to check out Lies My Memory Told Me.
    Sorry to hear that you weren’t able to meet your October goal.. hopefully you enjoyed the reading!
    Best of luck with this month!

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