read-a-thon · wrap-up

Victober Wrap Up

October is always the month long Victorian literature readathon. I wasn’t as successful this year but everything that I’ve read (or am still reading) I am absolutely loving.


Rating: 5/5

This was a wonderfully written slice of life story written by one of the impeccable Bronte sisters. I don’t think I have ever read a book I didn’t absolutely adore from them. I went into this book knowing that it was the story of a governess in the 1800’s and I was happily surprised that it also has the sweetest romance. One of the reasons that I love classics so much is that they show such a clear view of what life was like when they were written and it always amazes me how similar human nature still is.

Currently reading

I think I’m on page 130 of this book that’s just over 500 pages. For some reason I always thought I wouldn’t like this book since all I ever really heard about was it deals with industrialization. However, this book is really about the main character, Margaret Hale, and her life. Due to circumstances out of her control she has to leave her bustling social life at her aunt’s house to move back with her mother and father. Then she quickly has to leave her home with her family and move to the city of Milton with all its factories and consequences of factory life. So far I’m really enjoying myself and Margaret Hale is a fantastic main character.

This is a collection of short stories and it was a readalong with the Victober Goodreads group. When I got my second Covid dose and my flu shot at the beginning of October I didn’t read anything for days and I lost my reading mojo. So I never was able to catch up with this readalong. I have just started the Lois the Witch story which is based off the Salem witch trials. I love how creepy and atmospheric this collection of stories are. Although, it does have that problem, that a lot of classics suffer from, where it will tell a really good detailed story and the ending is so abrupt that it leaves you a little stunned it’s over. This is the perfect October read though and I’m bummed I have to carry it over into November. I know some people like to continue the spooky season but November is when I start transitioning to the Christmas/Holiday romances. I am toying with the idea of just stopping where I’m at and then next October picking this book back up and restarting the story that I’m currently on.

I didn’t get to the other two Victorian literature books I wanted to read this month but I would love to pick them up early next year because both are ones that I really want to read.


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