Stitching Saturday 6.5.21

Happy Sunday! I’m here today to share the last 9 days of Stitch Maynia projects with you. Last month was a pretty productive month for me despite not being able to knit or cross stitch for 10 days. I finished both cardigans that I had been working on as well as kept up with a new cross stitch start all the days that I could. I already shared my finish of my Pajama Cardigan a couple of weeks ago and I decided I would share my completed Uptown Cardigan next week since today’s post is so cross stitch heavy. Today I also want to share all my new projects that I have added to my now huge wheel of projects that I spin every morning. Since I finished both my cardigans I needed a new morning knit and I decided to pick up my Slipstravaganza shawl and I am thrilled to share that I *fingers crossed* might have this one off the needles sometime next week. I am going to finish section 5 today and then the only thing I have left is section 6. Once I finish the shawl my new morning knit will be the Rectangular Color Bias blanket I am working on for my youngest son.

New Projects



This is the Fjer Cardigan by Fiber Tales. She is one of my favorites to watch on Youtube and since June is my birthday month I decided I wanted to pick one of her patterns and this seemed perfect since I no longer have any cardigans on the needles. It is a cropped one which is great and I plan on wearing it over dresses. My local yarn store is having a huge sale for their 17th anniversary so I will be going there next week to pick up some yarn for this project. And more some more yummy yarn for future projects.

Cross Stitch

I asked for a HAED (heaven and earth design) for my birthday but I’m not sure if I’m getting it or not. If I don’t I do have a free pattern from their website that I will start instead so either way I hope to start my first HAED this month. If you are not familiar with HAED’s they are full coverage pieces and I’m sure that it will take me at least five years to complete one but I think the designs are so beautiful and I would love to stitch many. I have learned that I am a process stitcher or really any hobby because I just enjoy working on them and the finish isn’t necessarily the best part, although it is always exciting to complete something.

Diamond Painting

I bought a set of diamond painting stickers for my boys back in February and since summer break is now upon us I thought it would be fun to work on a few more of these. The set that I bought also comes with Disney Princesses so we still have a fair amount of characters to work on.

Stitch Maynia

The pictures today are not great quality because I was losing the sun as I was taking them. I also will go into more detail every other time that I talk about these projects but I’m unfortunately not that organized right now.

May 22- Let’s Talk Autumn by Hands on Design

May 23- Christmas Eve by Hands on Design

May 24- Love Thy Neighbor by Modern Folk Embroidery

I’m using the Silk app to stitch this. It is an IOS app where you can purchase patterns in the app and it has an amazing feature that helps you mark off and keep track of your progress.

May 26- Owls and Bats by Evdokia Nikolaeva of Punochka (taken from the October 2020 Just Cross Stitch magazine)

May 27- North Pole Cookie Co by Cherry Hill Stitchery (from the Silk app)

May 28- Sweater Weather by Plum Street Samplers

May 29- Berry Sweet Cup by Stitching with the Housewives (from Etsy)

May 30- Farm Sweet Farm by Stitching with the Housewives (from Etsy)

I’m stitching the freebie that was included with the Bless this Farm chart. Also this is two days of work since I also worked on this June 2.

May 31- The Christmas Sampler by Galliana Cross Stitch Designs (from the Silk app)



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