Stitching Saturday 5.1.21

Happy May! It’s time to share all the progress that I made last month on all my various projects. I won’t be sharing either cardigan today but I’m hopeful for next Saturday. My energy levels are still low and I couldn’t get myself together enough to take pictures with my pajama cardigan. I have been working every morning and a few days on my Uptown cardigan and I am so close to being done that I’m hopeful I can share both next weekend. I just casted on the second sleeve this morning and then I need to make the pockets and stitch it all together. So I feel like it is doable to finish this week. After I finish the cardigan I will be making my Slipstravaganza shawl my morning stitch until that is finished. Which would be amazing to finish in May as well.

Tomato Seeds by Stitching with the Housewives

This is five days of work which makes me realize that I am a very slow cross stitcher. I am probably 40%ish done with this pattern but I have been enjoying myself. I am using the called for Classic Colorworks floss on Lori Holt 10 count fabric.

Spooky House by WhiteHouseStitchery

I worked on Spooky House by WhiteHouseStitchery on Etsy two days in April. I’m really loving how it is turning out. I’m also really pleased that every time I pick it up it is easier for me to stitch on linen. Off the top of my head this is 28ct linen using all the called for DMC.

Christmas Snow

It can be hard to see any progress on this one because it is a stamped cross stitch but April’s progress is on the left. I bought this kit on Amazon and I don’t think I will purchase anymore. I much prefer working on all my other cross stitch projects over this one. I worked on this one three days in April.

Dimensions Cat

She is so close to being done! I worked on this one three days last month and I love that her face is so clear now. I just need to finish filling in the middle of her face and backstitch all the details in. And of course do the word Meow. I’m not sure where I’m going to hang her when she is done but I’m excited to finish her with a few more days work.

Nutcracker Ornament

My nutcracker is almost finished too! I still have to do almost the whole border and the metallic thread is not that easy to work with. But I’m excited to finish him and start on another ornament. I haven’t picked one out yet but I have quite a few saved on Readly (a magazine app). This ornament is designed by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and I found it in the June 2017 Just Cross Stitch magazine This was two days of work.

Pritchard Sweater

Sorry the picture is sideways. I didn’t notice until I had uploaded it and when I tried to turn it the sweater got cropped. I decided to use some leftover Charisma yarn that I had because I have never made a sweater before and I don’t want to invest money on yarn if I’m learning how to do something. It helps me be more confident in trying new things because I’m not worried about ruining the yarn. I worked on this two days. I also realized that the stitch markers I had were two small so I had to use my locking stitch markers. I have since bought ones that will fit so the next time I work on this I will be putting them on. The stitch markers marks the sleeves and the front and back too if I’m not mistaken.

Slipstravaganza Shawl

I didn’t do much work on this one. I only did a few rows of grey but once I finish the row I’m on I will be done with section 3. There are two more sections to be worked and this shawl just keeps growing and growing. I currently have 430ish stitches on the needle and every row more stitches are added. I think by the end there is something around 900 stitches! This only got one day of work on it but like I said at the beginning of this post I will be making this my morning stitch pretty soon.

Midwinter Socks

I barely worked on my socks last month. I don’t know what I had going on the two days they came up on my wheel but one day I didn’t work on them at all and the other day I gave them maybe 20-30 minutes. So not a lot of progress. I’m liking how the colors are all looking and I think my tension is getting better on the DPN’s.

Oslo Hat

This one is annoying because I messed up and I had to rip back a lot. I worked on it three days and one of those days was spent ripping back the previous days work. I don’t mind ripping it back but I’m more annoyed that I knew it wasn’t right but I kept knitting. I don’t know what I was thinking!



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