book review

Finding Jesus in Everyday Moments By Anna Cetas

Publication Date: April 6, 2021

Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing

Pages: 224

Genre: Non Fiction, Devotional, Bible Study

Rating: DNF

I usually don’t review books if I haven’t finished them and especially if I only made it a tiny bit through but since this book is a devotional I thought my review was still valid. This is a 100 day devotional journal and I only made it through Day 12. I don’t think that the devotionals were relevant to the daily scripture and they definitely weren’t very relatable. They were mostly just examples that felt outdated and most of the ones that I read had to do with things children said which, while cute, doesn’t help me grow my faith at all. This was especially disappointing because the introduction to this devotional raved about how this person digs deep into the hard questions and I found that to be completely untrue. There was a couple of days that touched on grief and suffering but it didn’t answer anything and as someone who has felt grief deeply I didn’t gain anything from it.

There is also a journal aspect of this devotional and this part really felt like someone phoned it in. The questions were very basic and broad and coupled with a devotional that brought nothing of value it felt like I was having to do all the work. Which I guess you could say is the point of the journal but for me I prefer where I learned a scripture and had someone relate it to my life and then I can expand on that for myself. Rather than here is a scripture and some words that mean nothing to me and oh yea here are some questions you can answer. When really the author of this book should have answered those questions and I could maybe have gotten something of value from it.

This is clearly something that I don’t recommend and it has made me more hesitant about trying out something from Our Daily Bread Publishing in the future. This book really comes across as something that was thrown together in a short amount of time with no intentional thought or caring put into it. Thankfully, there are more really great devotionals out there and I will just concentrate on the ones I’m currently working through before trying anything new.



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