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If you have been here for awhile then you know that mysteries are my favorite genre so it makes sense that my favorite move is Clue. I can quote every single line of the movie and I am obsessed with anything relating to Clue. So when I saw The Bookish Knitter post this tag the other day I was so excited that I knew I had to do this asap. If this tag looks fun or interesting to you then consider yourself tagged!

Mr. Green (A book that takes place in the U.K.)

I just read this book yesterday and I thought it was so cute and realistic. It left off on a bit of cliffhanger so I’m eager to get my hands on the second volume as soon as I can.

Colonel Mustard – A book featuring a character in the military

I don’t read too many books featuring someone in the military but I absolutely loved this sweet romance. It’s a little bit of a stretch though because the hero is transitioning out of the military but since the book has the word solider in the title I figured it counts. I loved this book so much that I’m already planning on rereading it when the holidays roll around.

Miss Peacock – A book that you feel is patriotic

This book is set in a world that I would love to live in. And I think that about sums up why I picked this book πŸ™‚

Mrs White – A book where a main character is part of the household staff

Whenever I think of books with unreliable narrators this book always comes to mind first. It also has the bonus of the main character being the nanny which fits this prompt. I highly recommend this YA mystery but especially in the summertime because this book also embodies summer extremely well.

Library – A book about books

This is a horror novel about a group of writers who are all in the process of writing their next novels when they convene for a night of publicity at a haunted house. This book started off kind of slow with the horror and it definitely builds up to it. I was creeped out different scenes of this book and I want to read more by Scott Thomas.

Kitchen – A book that is a culinary mystery

This is hands down my favorite cozy mystery baking series. I have read about half or more than half of the books in this series but I really need to do a full reread of the series and catch up. These books also mean so much to me because I read them when I was doing night feedings with my little one and they really helped to keep my awake. I may or may not have stayed up after I put him back down because I got so into the stories. If you are interested the first book it is free on Kindle right now.

Conservatory – A book/cover featuring plants/flowers or trees

This is YA horror that I read last year and really enjoyed. I think this is for a very specific reader because not a lot is explained and the ending is open ended. I would say if you are in the mood for an atmospheric read then this would be a great one to pick up but just don’t expect to find out all the answers.

Hall – A book that takes place in a mansion

I mean how could I not pick this one?! It is the perfect book for this list and it does a great job of updating the story to be more contemporary. This is a YA book set at a boarding school and a storm leaves all the characters stranded in a mansion that also happens to be one of the schools dormitories. I really hope to read the second book in the series for March Mystery Madness (which I will have a TBR up for soon).

Candlestick – A book that takes place or was published prior to 1802

This is a classic that I read last year that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was fun seeing the origins of some well known stories and how they vastly differ from what we know them as now. It is also amazing the longevity of these stories since this book was written around the year 800.

Gun – A book featuring a police officer

Joona Linna is one of my favorite protagonists and I am a huge fan of Lars Kepler. This book is a twisted and dark tale that really embodies everything that is Nordic Noir. The Hypnotist is the first book in the Joona Linna series and I do recommend starting with this one.

Wrench – A book with a skilled trade worker

Riley Sager is my favorite mystery/thriller author so no list would be complete without adding him. Our main character Maggie works in construction and flips houses so she fits this prompt really well. This book is a great spin on the familiar Amityville Horror house with an ending that I still think about.

Dagger – A book where a ritualistic murder takes place

This is probably the most well known, and arguably best, Harry Hole novel. This book deals with a serial killer who kills women on the first snowfall and it is a classic Nesbo book where you have no idea where the story is going to take you. The Snowman is the seventh book in the Harry Hole series but it can be read first if you want to jump into the series.



4 thoughts on “Clue Game Tag

  1. This looks loke such a fun tag, I love clue.. I can’t wait to try it! And I’ve been wanting to read ‘Horrid’, it looks so interesting! πŸ˜†

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      1. With a cover like that, I’ll bet! I love unique and weird though so.. πŸ˜†
        Thank you, have a beautiful day today!🌷

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