20 Best Books of 2020

This post has been a difficult one for me. I read around 200 books last year and when I made my initial list of best books I came up with 45. That is way too many so I spent a fair amount of time cutting it down. I am pretty confident that these are the best of the best (that I read) but if you asked me tomorrow my answer might change. Also, these are in no particular order because I can’t even imagine how much time it would have taken me to rank them.

This whole series is a favorite and I’m counting it as one spot on this list.

Any book that I read in 2020 written by Tillie Cole is another favorite. I couldn’t pick just one so I decided to group all these books together in this spot.


6 thoughts on “20 Best Books of 2020

      1. It’s a trilogy but for some reason the other two books aren’t that well known. I only know about it because I was reading a review that mentioned a character’s arc in a later book and I was like what the heck 😂

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