book review

His Beauty By Jack Harbon

Thank you to the author, Jack Harbon, for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review. This book is also a part of Kindle Unlimited.

Publication Date: November, 17 2020

Pages: 143

Genre: Romance; smutty; retelling

Rating: 3/5

This was a fun and unique take on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale. Our beast in this story, Lowen, is an actual beast which takes this romance to a completely different place then I am used to. But it really worked for me. It somehow makes the gentle moments that much sweeter because he isn’t just a grumpy/angry man. The other familiar aspects of the story were there including the cozy comfort of Mrs. Potts and Chip. They weren’t the main focus but they helped bring this fantastical world to life. As with most novellas, there isn’t a lot of world building so these emblems of classic characters were much needed. I also wasn’t prepared for how dark this story was going to go. Isla is a strong queen and I loved seeing her fighting for herself and those she loves. There are a two very graphic battle/fight scenes that were immensely realistic but also fun in a twisted way. The romance between Isla and Lowen was also perfectly paced out to where I was actively rooting for them to finally get together. I did struggle a little with the writing being overly descriptive at times but overall this was a fun and unique read that I really enjoyed. If you love smutty romances and a good retelling then I highly recommend!



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