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Pumpkin Everything by Beth Labonte

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Published: September 1, 2018

Pages: 194

Genre: Romantic comedy, seasonal

Rating: 5/5

This super cute seasonal romantic comedy was everything I was looking for and more. Amy has recently dumped her cheating fiancee and is dealing with major writer’s block so when her Grandpa drives through a Dunkin’ Donuts she decides that she will temporarily move back to her hometown to help him out. What Amy didn’t take into account is that her arriving back into town would encourage the people of her small hometown to finally read her horror novels which she doesn’t want since she based her outlandish characters on the people she grew up. Also complicating matters, is that her ex boyfriend, Kit, still lives on the first floor of her Grandpa’s house.

I was pleasantly surprised by how funny this book was. Amy’s neighbors had me laughing out loud at their reactions to her loose interpretations of themselves. The small town of Autumnboro, New Hampshire also came to life with Labonte’s writing and I have now put visiting New Hampshire during Autumn on my bucket list. I love how quirky everyone was and it was so easy to fall in love with this town.

The romance between Kit and Amy was sweet, romantic, honest and funny. I appreciated how they didn’t shy away from dealing with their issues that broke them up and instead rebuilt their lifelong friendship which led to more. For such a short book (194 pages) there was a few hurdles for Amy and Kit to overcome but it all felt organic and nothing felt rushed. This is a clean romance so if you are someone who doesn’t like all the steaminess of other romances than I highly recommend this one.

I’m so happy that the second book in this series is a Thanksgiving romance and I have already put it on my list of books I want to read this month. I just want to be transported back into this world where everything is sweet and funny for a few hours. I read Pumpkin Everything in one sitting and if you are in need of a cozy feel good book (aren’t we all!) than I hope you give this one a chance.



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