book review

Dirty 1st Date: Halloween Haunt By Harley LaRoux

Publication Date: August 2, 2019

Pages: 37

Genre: Erotic Romance

Rating: 5/5

Announcement: You can pick this up on KU but tomorrow, October 31, the author has decided to make it a free download for one day only!

WARNING! These are the fetishes within . . . use of the titles Daddy/little girl, heavy degradation, humiliation, rough sex, teasing, orgasm denial, spanking, struggling/restraint, bondage, pursuit/capture, light anal, light pissplay, light spitplay. 

This is a very short, fun and spicy story that would make the perfect Halloween read. I love that this book is set in the early 2000’s because that’s when I was in high school and while I was definitely not doing what Dahlia and Rafael are doing at a school carnival, the clothes and way they talk felt very familiar. Things get progressively steamier between them as they go through different mazes and their encounters culminate is a very hot and explosive way inside a haunted house. Laroux is so talented at writing intense chemistry between her characters and I am excited to keep reading anything that she writes. If you enjoy this short story then I highly recommend you check out her Halloween novella, The Dare.

You can click the cover and the link for The Dare to purchase these books on Amazon. I may make a commission if you use my link to purchase.



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