Buying Books

I thought I would share some of my favorite places that I buy books. It’s not in my budget to spend a lot of money on books so these are my 3 go to places.

Thrift Stores: This is a pretty common place for cheap books but I also love it because it’s always a surprise what they have. There are the rare times I don’t find anything though, which is always a bummer haha

Book Outlet: This is a very popular website on booktube but most of my friends and family had never heard about it.  They have amazing deals on books and they recently started doing free shipping on orders $35 and more.  I have never spent more then $5 on a book from them and there is always so many books I want to get that I have to restrain myself.  Click here to check it out

Bookbub:  This is the absolute best place to get ebooks. It is a daily round up of the best  deals based on the genres that you tell them you like.  Most of the books that I get from them are free but they can go up to $2.99.  The deals are mostly Amazon kindle deals but they do occasionally have options for other ebook readers. Click here to check it out

What are some of your favorite places to buy books?


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