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November Weekly Kindle Haul #2

In a shocking turn of events... this is going to be a short and sweet haul. In fact I think this might be my most reasonable Kindle haul ever! I continued my search of Christmas romances though so I'm happy to share some more good ones with you. I will be sharing the current price… Continue reading November Weekly Kindle Haul #2

book review

White Is For Witching By Helen Oyeyemi

Publication Date: June 1, 2009 Publisher: Picador USA Pages: 244 Genre: Horror Rating: 4/5 This is a haunting and creepy story that revolves around four generations of Silver women. The story starts when Lily has unexpectedly passed away and Miranda (Lily's daughter) begins dealing with bizarre happenings that effect her both physically and mentally. Major… Continue reading White Is For Witching By Helen Oyeyemi

book review

Shirley By Charlotte Brontë

Published: 1849 Publisher: Penguin Classics Pages: 624 Genre: Classic, Victorian Rating: 4/5 Shirley is set during the Napoleonic Wars which gives this story a tumultuous backdrop amid all the personal drama that is happening. We are mainly following Catherine Helstone and later on, Shirley, as they navigate their lives and possible romantic inclinations. This book… Continue reading Shirley By Charlotte Brontë