Stitching Saturday 1.30.21

I’m back with a fun post today sharing all my current projects and the three I’m adding to my rotation next month. I will link my first Stitch Saturday post here so you can see what all these projects will look like when finished.

WIPS (Works in Progress)

Cross Stitch Cat

I’ve worked on this one for 5 days and I love seeing her come to life. My husband and kids have also enjoyed checking on her progress which has been nice. I think she looks a little like a stormtrooper cat at the moment. I can’t wait to put her eyes in which is my goal for February.

Christmas Snow

I bought a stamped cross stitch kit on Amazon and I guess I wasn’t paying attention to what I was buying because I thought it was one of the dimensions stamped kits and instead I got this one. Once the stitching is done you have to wash it to remove all the ink and so I’m very suspicious of how this is all going to turn out. I’ve worked on this for two days and a tiny bit on the third day. It’s hard to tell since this is a stamped kit but all my work has been primarily on the top left corner.

Midwinter Sock Set

I started knitting my first sock! This is basically two days of work because the third day that I worked on it was not a good health day for me and it felt very heavy in my hands so I put it down and went to bed. But I’m so excited that I have accomplished this milestone and I really enjoy how meditative it is once I got the hang of it. The gift I made my mom had color work in it so I feel pretty comfortable with this pattern. The pattern actually comes with three different socks and I will link the Ravelry page here in case you are interested.

Uptown Cardigan

This was hard to photograph but this is the back panel of the cardigan. This cardigan is supposed to be oversized but I’m a little worried that it might be too oversized. But I can still wear it around the house if it is obnoxiously big. Other then the ribbing (that I messed up on) this is all garter (knit) stitch and it is very meditative and relaxing. I only worked on this one day this month but once I finish my current morning stitch this will take it’s place so I can work on it consistently until it’s done.


This will one day be a beautiful shawl but this one is huge and it just keeps growing as you knit so I don’t anticipate finishing this one anytime soon. It’s also incredibly hard to photograph since it needs to be blocked but I won’t be doing that until I’m done. This was has a lot of new techniques in it and I’m so proud of myself for pushing myself out of my comfort zone and giving it a shot. Stephen West does amazing tutorial videos for each section that really break down each new technique and makes it easy to do.

Nora’s Hat

Today is the first day that I have picked this up all month. I’ve only do a couple of rows but I about to transition to the next color- pink. I’m not that thrilled about knitting this flat and then stitching it into a hat but I had this yarn in my stash for years and I’m relieved to be getting it knitted up. I don’t have any expectations for finishing it but it would make a nice addition to my niece’s Easter basket.

Diamond Painting

This is my first ever diamond painting kit and I am obsessed! I don’t know why it is so relaxing but something about sticking all the little bits onto the canvas is calming. I worked on this for two days and I got a lot of the bottom done. Once it’s done I will frame it and stick it with all my Autumn decorations.

Pajama Cardigan

Sorry this picture is blurry. This is also the back panel of another cardigan I’m working on. I started the month with on a couple of rows above the ribbing at the bottom done so I have put in a lot of work on this one this month. Which is no shock since this is my morning stitch and I also spent a couple of days only working on it. The pattern is easy but I did have a couple of mess ups with the yarn over section when I wasn’t paying attention and I had to rip back and fix my mistakes. My goal for next month is to finish the back panel and I would really love to finish one of the front panels.


I forgot to take a photo of the blanket that I finished so I will have to share that next time.

Connor’s Scarf

I finished the scarf I was working on for my oldest son. I have never done fringe before but it was easy to do and I like the way it turned out. He was very happy with it and it looks good on him.

Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

This is my first cross stitch finish since I got back into it and I’m pretty happy with it. I can already tell that my stitches have improved but I enjoy having something I stitched hanging up in my house. Since I took this picture I stitched in a key below the heart to take up some of the white space on the bottom. I used an alphabet and motif book that I had found at Goodwill to stitch the key.

New Starts

Christmas Diamond Paint

I found this kit at JoAnn’s and I’m excited to start it next month. I also want to see if there is any difference in quality since my Autumn one is a cheap kit that I bought off of Amazon and I feel like this is a proper kit.

Spooky House Cross Stitch

I bought this pattern off of Etsy and the designer is WhiteHouseStitchery. This will be my first foray into stitching on linen and I’m hoping I adjust easily to it. This is a tea dyed 28 ct Lugana which I feel is a good place for a beginner to start. I’m not sure how I will finish it yet but I don’t think it will be like the picture shows it. I still have some time though to figure it out and maybe while I’m stitching it I will come up with a great finish idea.

Purl Soho Blanket

My youngest really wants me to knit him a blanket and since I just finished the one I was working on I decided I might as well cast another one on. This is one is a free pattern I have had on my Ravelry library for awhile but I still need to order the yarn. I think I want to try a Knit Pick yarn since I hear so many good things about them and they are reasonably priced. One day I aspire to being able to purchase $400 worth of yarn (which is what the pattern calls for using Purl Soho yarn) but that day is not today.



4 thoughts on “Stitching Saturday 1.30.21

    1. I’ll have to remember your favorite stores! I can’t remember which one I bought but I think it is good quality. It throws me off because some of the are so expensive and I can’t figure out why lol


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